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Why Video Marketing

  • Videos on your website helps SEO and according to comScore increases chances of Page1 rankings by 53%

  • Videos with Audio grabs people's attention easier than text and gets more engagement.

  • Users are more likely to share and re-share your video than other forms of content.

  • Retailers with online video report that products with video sell a lot more than products with no video.

  • Video production has become more affordable for SMEs.

  • Video is one of the easiest ways to get on page one of Google and other search engines.

  • Using video ads on Facebook and YouTube is usually MUCH cheaper than other forms of advertising.


How we can Help Your Business        


  • We are a Digital/Video Marketing Agency specialising in implementing Lead Generation strategies for SMEs.

  • We produce several types of Niche Videos (animated, whiteboard, photo, movie) with amazing intros/outros that can be used on your website and/or on YouTube.

  • We have Lead Generation Packages with strategies focused on promoting your brand and generating leads for your business. These include the following :-

o   Providing the most appropriate videos to showcase your product or service with branded animation intros and effective 'Call to Action'.

o   Setup and Optimise YouTube Channel for fast ranking videos.

o   Distribute videos to major Video sharing/hosting platforms for high visibility and traffic.

o   Video Optimisation process (Video SEO) to rank and sustain your rankings on Google, YouTube and the other Video Platforms.

o   Optimised Video Distribution to Facebook users with declared interests in your niche or geography.

o   Facebook and YouTube Advertising for maximum exposure of your product and services.

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